Allan and Christian Nabinacaboo are from the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach who began making music at an early age. They founded their rap group after being separated due to education. They explored rhyming each on their own without knowing the other was putting himself out there until they began writing together as young teens. For years they honed their craft in their home basement, to eventually performing in shows in reservations across Quebec, such as the First People’s Festival in Montreal and Innu Nikamun in Maliotanam. This was followed by their self-titled debut release in 2014, produced my legendary Grammy-award winning engineer/producer, David Strickland. After moving to Montreal to further their education in music production and business, older brother Allan, had a terrible accident that took the lives a cousin and a friend, and leaving him critically injured. After months of physical therapy and a painful recovery, he uses his traumatic experience to overcome those hardships, not to give up, and pursue music for the people, sending a message that you can overcome anything. With his younger brother by his side, they continue to make music that can inspire listeners and motivate the people.

The group’s name is inspired by the history of the land and issues indigenous people face: drug addiction, alcoholism, colonialism, racism, crimes, and violence. They want to give voice to their community, and to all indigenous people. They work hard to make their music known and to be heard.