Violent Ground are two brothers from the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach, a small community in the northern borderlands of Quebec and Labrador. They are composers and lyricists who aim to enlighten and inspire crowds with powerful lyrics and their unique brand of Rap Music. The group’s name is inspired by the history of the land we live on and the issues indigenous people face to this day.





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Five years after their debut album, Violent Ground releases their 1st studio album titled “Difference.” Produced by long-time music maker, Marlon Grant, the album reflects on the trails and tribulations they endured since they released their first album. Also, the record talks about issues the indigenous people face today, as well as the past, with content such as the mistreatment of the natives and land, daily struggles, and bullying. They feel that the album is a representation of how they made their music back then, compared to now. Of course, they still add flow and flare in their music, but with even more melodic vocals and powerful messages.



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